It has been a time since my last post, I have been feeling confused, things seem to slip my mind;But I really do feel this is necessary for clarity of thought and insight. Thoughts get muddled and bustled and re-ordered into new and fully realized ideas, something Ruth told me once.


I spent the weekend painting on the skirting board at my studio, it is a nice space, not cozy like a cave but still safe; it is difficult to breath there. I have made a list of all the work I should have done by the end of summer. Its encouraging to read through.


I don't want to segregate art making form the rest of my life; I don't want art to be confined to one room any more. I want to approach my life as I approach art. I want to approach art as I approach my life. Art is a result of movement, I like to think about my movements as I work. It is a part of the work, it is called the work. But movements that occur outside the studio are important, too.

Movements I enjoy -

- walking up a hil

- delicate, clumsy footfalls when descending down a loose path

- cutting small letters from a block of das

- gluing vegetable alphabet letters to paper

- drawing lines with felt tipped textas

- chopping veggies into cubes

I am planing to make a cube of multiple segments that will slot together. I made the mold for it today out of MDF. When it is done it will fit between two hands.