A Place to Rest, A Place to Run

Why This Blog? A place to illustrate early thoughts, and a place to rest.

When I started Surface Objects I had no real intention for what it would be. As it went on, its function changed again and again. At the best of times Surface Objects was my second visual diary. A place to air ideas - out in the open -  without the demand of presenting finished work. I really believe  you can do that with a blog, as opposed to a professional website. It's what the medium is built for! (sometimes).  That's what I want Surface Objects to be again. So I am relaunching it as a blog that will be a place for thoughts to rest, where I can take a step back to view things in a new light.



I have moved some of the older posts from here to an archive. I was contemplating removing them entirely, but looking back over the old, single sentenced, oddly phrased verse I decided against a mass deletion. Like finding an old diary, reading through the posts was surprising and insightful. And odd... and occasionally deeply embarrassing. But I have kept them, they are archived away now because they were made with a different purpose, but if nothing else I need to be honest with myself.  Go read them, GO! Some posts are pretty good.

Forest Out the Back

Surface Objects is going to be one of two blogs I intend to use over the next little while. The second will be about a grotto I will be living in. I'll link to it once it has been set up. This space will have a wider scope, the second will be for a specific topic. But more on that in a little while.

It is good to be back. I have missed you precious.