It feels like we are only a slight distance from the cold weather. At home in bed the house sounds like it might fall down. The rain is so heavy, the walls are so fragile. We are barely protected. But the house still protects me, and I'm very happy and very safe. "So Moomintroll went down the stairs, step by step, holding the lamp tightly. and reached the muddy floor at the bottom of the lighthouse. The door creaked as usual and it felt very heavy. He stood outside on the rock in the cold unreal moonlight. 'Isn't life exiting!' Moomintroll thought. 'Everything can change all of a sudden, and for no reason at all! The staircase is suddenly quite beautiful and the glade I don't want to think about any more.' Breathlessly, he walked over the rock, through the heather, through the little copse of aspens. They were motionless and quiet now, there wasn't breath of wind. He walked slowly, listening. The beach was quite quiet. 'I've frightened them,' Moomintroll thought, and bent down to turn off the lamp. "Whatever it is that comes here at night must be very shy. An island by night can be very scared.' Now the lamp was out and immediately the island seemed to come much nearer. He could feel it very close to him as it lay there motionless in the moonlight. He wasn't at all frightened, but just sat there listening. There it was; the sound of prancing steps in the sand somewhere behind the aspens. Backwards and forwards they went, down the beach and into the water; splashing about and making the foam fly. It was them. The sea-horses, his sea-horses. Now he understood everything. The silver shoe he had found in the sand, the calender with the moon dipping it's feet in the morning wave, the call he had heard while he was asleep. Moomintroll stood in the trees and watched the sea horses dance."

from Moominpappa at Sea by Tove Janson